Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Jewelry Line Unveiled!!!

Please check out my new handmade, beaded jewelry line. You won't be disappointed. Many new items coming soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saving $$ on Picture Framing

One of my many professions has been picture framing. I recently had occasion to frame several projects, one of which required a large size non-glare glass. The frame shop quoted me a price of $60! After I picked my chin off the floor, I asked why? They explained that they only sell UV glass now. I have since found that most all the craft stores only carry this UV glass. I thought this was outrageous since the picture was going in my living room where it was going over the fireplace. The room only had a north window which would not give much light at all to this artwork. I called a glass co and found that I could purchase the non-glare glass for $25 as opposed to the $60 sale price at the craft/framing store. This was a substantial savings. Next time you are working on a framing project, shop around and keep in mind, you can do some of this yourself and save a fair amount of cash for other fun stuff!!

As an extra bonus, the frame came in a large plastic bag that I was able to reuse as a garment bag, like a dry cleaning bag, and the glass came wrapped in brown paper that I was able to reuse as the dust cover for the artwork. Happy Framing. Laurel's Legacies