Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Memorable" Mother's Day Gift

While searching the net for ideas to created a "gratitude" jar, I pieced together what I think is a great, inexpensive Mother's Day gift. This idea is called a "Memory Jar". Using a large, wide mouth jar, or purchased clear plastic, round jar (found at a craft or scrapbook store) decorate the jar w/a "memories" or "Mother" theme. Think of 52 memories that involve your mother and you throughout the years, and type or write these memories onto pretty paper. Cut these into 52 separate pieces and place them in you jar. Tie a ribbon around your jar w/instructions to your mother to pull out one memory per week throught the year, for a priceless gift. *Note: If you do this w/one or more siblings, you can probably come up w/tons of "memories" in minutes.